Receive Care After Encountering An Incident In Which A Brown Recluse Spider Crawled Into Your Ear

If you encountered a freak accident involving a brown recluse spider crawling into one of your ears and causing you discomfort, prompting you to visit your local hospital's emergency room, you may be worried about what the future holds for you and if your hearing will be affected in any way. The suggestions below will help you receive the care needed after being seen by a physician at the hospital.

Use Aftercare Steps

While you are at the hospital, the doctor who treats you will be able to answer questions you have concerning the brown recluse spider and if there is any evidence that the inside of your ear was bitten. You may be required to take antibiotics and pain medication. If this is the case, follow all instructions exactly as they have been prescribed to avoid an infection or extreme pain, which could disrupt the normal hearing process.

The doctor who treats you may also recommend that you place a cotton ball inside of your ear canal so that cool air does not come into contact with your eardrum and cause you discomfort while your ear is healing. 

Meet With An Audiology Specialist

You may receive a referral to meet with an audiology specialist. A specialist will test your hearing to determine if you are able to hear perfectly or if you have encountered hearing loss in the ear that was affected by the spider. Do not be scared during your appointment; a hearing test will not cause you any discomfort and is relatively easy to perform.

You will be provided with a headset. Place the headset over your head so that the earpieces rest firmly over your ears. The audiologist will play a series of tones on a recording device. They will ask you which tones you can hear to determine if your hearing has been negatively affected. 

Learn What Options Are Available If Hearing Loss Is Evident

If you fail the initial hearing test, the audiologist may suggest that additional testing is conducted to determine the extent of your hearing loss. After finding out how severe the problem is, you will be provided with viable options that will improve your hearing. A hearing aid can be worn and will be undetectable by others. A hearing aid can be installed and removed as needed, making it a convenient and non-invasive way to restore your hearing.

The audiologist may also suggest that you have your eardrum rebuilt if it is perforated and you have suffered extreme hearing loss. If you opt to have your eardrum rebuilt, request information about the complexity of the surgery, the cost of the procedure, and the likelihood that your hearing will be restored to the state it was in prior to the incident with the spider. 

If you have questions about your hearing, reach out to a clinic like Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC.

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